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The toys we sell are ever-so-swell!


No pedals or motor, just pure kid power! PlasmaCars can be used foot-to-floor, but they really get going when you put your feet up on the footpads and start turning the steering wheel. Powered by inertia and friction, they go like magic on a smooth surface. They're spacious and sturdy and hold up to 220 pounds so, yes, parent and child can ride together!

Zoob Creepy Glow Creatures

ZOOB Building Sets
ZOOB is an award-winning building set with a difference: Zoob pieces move after you put them together. Inspired by the nucleotides that make up DNA, ZOOB replicates the way things connect and transform in nature, so ZOOB captures dynamic movement. As a result, you can play with your creations--from cars to carnivores--instead of just looking at them.

Thomas the Tank Engine Toys

Thomas Wooden Railway brings your child to beautiful world of Sodor, which so many children love know from the classic PBS show Thomas the Tank Engine. And Thomas is designed to grow with a child's increasing ability and creativity by adding more track, vehicles, destinations and accessories. As an authorized dealer we stock a great selection of this popular, high quality, imaginative play line. Come in and play on our demo table! If you are looking for a specific piece, feel free to call ahead.

Calico Critters Toys

Cloverleaf Corners is filled with charming little creatures that allow your child's imagination to run free. Adorable animal families in warm, whimsical, and woodsy environments, Calico Critters are miniatures fashioned with incredible details - drawers open, shelves slide in and out, wheels turn, mirrors tilt. Come in and play on our demo table!

Calico Critters Toys

This brand new suction cup toy from Fat Brain Toys is so fun to play with for kids and grown ups! Made of non-toxic silicone, these little fellas really suck, offering endless options for creative construction fun. The first (adult) customer who saw them in our store built an iPhone stand in about 5 seconds. Fun to push together and to pop apart, they stick to bathtubs, windows, walls and each other, and pop off with no trace or residue. Appropriate for special needs kids. Come try our samples in the store!

Bruder Toys

Bruder is a family-run business founded in Burgfarnbach, Germany in 1926. Bruder manufactures quality toys without the use of glues or screws. All Bruder toys are MADE IN GERMANY, using the highest levels of engineering and technology. Bruder makes toy trucks which run the gamut from tractors, garbage trucks, and cement mixers to fire engines and cranes. They have been recognized by Spiel Gut, a German group composed of educators, engineers, parents and others who are independent of the toy industry but who evaluate toys for their play value, workmanship, construction, durability, and safety. For more information, visit http://www.spielgut.org/welcome.htm.

Holgate Toys Stacking Rings

Made in America
Yes, some great toys are still made in America! Green Toys trucks, race cars, tugboats and tea sets are made in the USA from recycled milk jugs, and even the packaging is recycled and recyclable. The tugboat scoops and pours, the tea set can be used for real food, and the cool race cars come in blue, red and pink! With Green Toys, you can trim your carbon footprint with no sacrifice of durability or playability.

Wooly Willy is also made in the USA--remember him? Redesign Willy's facial hair again and again. And there's the classic metal Slinky. "What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs, and makes a slinkity sound? A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing! Everyone knows it's Slinky!"

Antworks Ant Farm

Nature Toys
We're never out of season in Southern California--something is always budding, blooming, hatching or ready-to-pick! Our nature exploration toys include Live Butterfly kits, Build-a-Bird-Feeder kits and blue gel Ant Farms - Kid-sized Garden Tools, Gloves, and Mini-Gardens - Bug Jars, Binoculars, and Butterfly Nets -- Potato Battery Kits, Solar Print Paper and Flower Press Kits for scientific fun!

Children's Drums and Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments
Music and rhythm foster brain development, creativity and math comprehension! See the excellent website here: http://library.thinkquest.org/4116/Music/music.htm.

We carry Rhythmix Drums and Maracas, plus a classic Wooden Drum with a rawhide head. At Kernohan's you'll also find Accordions, Xylophones, Harmonicas, Kazoos, Recorders, Train Whistles, and delightful musical baby toys.

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